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Facing a criminal charge is something your family and friends do not understand.

In the criminal justice system your life is often nothing but “ink on paper”- another case and another defendant… Attorney Robert Cabe has seen this personally.

As a former teacher turned prosecutor, Mr. Cabe faced his own former students and players in a court room. During that time, he learned three truths: (1) people have stories; (2) people have families; and most importantly (3) people have rights.

Our goal in every criminal case is simple: minimize your risks, ensure that your rights are not violated, and place you in the best position to FIGHT YOUR CASE.

Below is a list of just come of the charges that Cabe Law handles on behalf of our clients:

Robert Cabe

Attorney Cabe has spent years calling out errors on law enforcement’s behalf. As a former assistant district attorney, he knows how the criminal justice system works. The result: success for the client.

Take a look as some of Mr. Cabe’s victories in criminal defense.

Criminal Defense
May 15, 2023

Aggravated Assault dismissed after teenager spends year in jail

A young man was arrested for aggravated assault after another man was shot in the head. Officers arrived at the scene and assumed the worst. Three individuals were arrested. After…
Criminal Defense
May 15, 2023

2 DUIs dismissed after attorney exposes blood evidence problems

Attorney Robert Cabe was able to help two defendants beat their DUI charges by utilizing blood evidence in their favor. First, a young man caused a multi-car collision that resulted…
Criminal Defense
May 15, 2023

Robbery dismissed after attorney calls out Miranda violation and illegal search

After a tragic armed robbery of a Dollar General, a teenage boy was arrested and held in jail without bond for nearly a year. Mr. Cabe took the case. After…
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