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Personal Injury

$25,000 recovered after attorney proves defendants lied to officers

A Georgia man attempted to settle his own car wreck case. As usual, the insurance company took advantage of him. They low-balled the man for nearly a year, offering pennies on the dollar for settlement.

Frustrated, the man sought attorney Robert Cabe, who further investigated the case. Mr. Cabe uncovered and proved that the at-fault “driver” was not the driver at all… The real “driver” was his daughter. Mr. Cabe proved that the man and his daughter conspired to lie to officers about who was driving the vehicle. Their effort was for the daughter to “avoid insurance points.” The problem, however, was this lie was a criminal violation, and arguably warranted punitive damages. The client had no knowledge of this lie because he was in an ambulance by the time the officers arrived.

Furthermore, the insurance company attempted to cover up the lie and negotiated in bad faith. The case resolved for a settlement amount four times higher than the man’s highest offer when the insurance company was taking advantage of a claimant trying to represent himself.