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We trust that doctors and nurses act in our best interest.

In many societies, it is taboo to question a doctor’s judgment. That’s wrong. The fact is that medical professionals are humans just like us, and they make mistakes too. The difference is that when a medical professional is negligent, the consequences are life and death.

Attorney Robert Cabe has investigated hundreds of medical malpractice cases. He has brought a select few to court, and has helped recover monetary settlements on behalf of his clients.

If you have a question about your or a loved one’s medical malpractice case, call Mr. Cabe and schedule your free consultation.

In addition to fighting your medical malpractice case, take a look at other recent victories in personal injury.

Personal Injury
May 15, 2023

Six figure settlement for man assaulted by traveling salesman

A Georgia man was assaulted by a drunken traveling salesman at a local tavern. The assault resulted numerous broken bones and two facial surgeries. Despite the egregious conduct, the salesman’s…
Personal Injury
May 15, 2023

$120,000 recovered in hit and run

A Georgia woman was injured in a hit and run near her hometown. Her injuries were so severe that surgery was required. Eventually, the runaway driver was caught and attempted…
Personal Injury
May 15, 2023

Another Georgia deputy hurt in the line of duty receives settlement

Another Georgia deputy was injured in the line of duty after a fugitive “t-boned” his vehicle. On the night of the incident, numerous deputies participated in a chase. Eventually, the…
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