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In Georgia, Felony convictions can result in you losing vital rights.

This includes your right to possess a firearm, the right to sit on a jury, and the right to vote.

Georgia law encompasses numerous felony charges, ranging from certain thefts, criminal damage to property, identify fraud, robbery, trafficking drugs, aggravated assault, robbery, and murder.

Attorney Robert Cabe has years of experience both prosecuting and now defending felony charges. Many of his cases result in in reduced charges, fines, misdemeanor pleas, avoided prison time, and sometimes complete dismissals.

Mr. Cabe is able to achieve these results by analyzing both the evidence and law involved in the case, and calling out any errors on law enforcement’s behalf. He also wants to convey your story, the person that you are beyond the “name on paper.” Through understanding the evidence and law in your case, Mr. Cabe can assist you through your case to a resolution of success.

Call Attorney Cabe now and schedule a free consultation to discuss your felony charges.

In addition to fighting your felony case, take a look at other recent victories in criminal defense.

Criminal Defense
May 15, 2023

DUI dismissed after attorney wins motion to suppress

A local manager was arrested for DUI while on the way to work. The officer in the case said the manager failed three field sobriety tests. However, after reviewing the…
Criminal Defense
May 15, 2023

Dog fighting charges dismissed due to inconsistencies in search warrant affidavit

A man was charged with illegal dogfighting after he was arrested next door to a home that contained dog fighting equipment. Attorney Cabe was hired and quickly went to work.…
Criminal Defense
May 15, 2023

College student’s DUI dismissed after officer misreads breathalyzer

A Statesboro college student wrecked his car on the way home from a friend’s house. Because it was late at night, officers suspected DUI. After administering field sobriety tests in…
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