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If you have been injured, Cabe Law is here to help.

Most people never expect to face serious surgeries, mounting medical bills, and the prospect of losing their job due to another’s negligence.

Cabe Law employs a practical and swift approach to your personal injury case. Clients have direct access to their attorney, and will be counseled on each step of a personal injury case. Our goal is simple, maximize your money recovery, minimize your risks, and make sure that your voice is heard.

Below are some of the areas in personal injury we can help you:

Robert Cabe

Attorney Cabe has made a name for himself investigating personal injury cases that other law firms declined. In 2023, Mr. Cabe helped his client recover over $150,000.00 from a car wreck declined by another law firm.

Take a look to see just a few other victories in personal injury that have led to millions recovered for injured clients.

Personal Injury
May 15, 2023

Woman recovers $30,000 in trip and fall

A Macon woman is glad she kept calling. After her case was turned down by numerous law firms, and still facing thousands of dollars in medical bills, Mr. Cabe decided…
Personal Injury
May 28, 2023

$150,000 recovery after attorney proves at-fault driver was drunk

A Georgia woman and her daughter were injured in a car wreck. Interestingly, officers made no arrest even though the at-fault driver and his car “smelled like alcohol.” The driver’s…
Personal Injury
May 15, 2023

$25,000 recovered after attorney proves defendants lied to officers

A Georgia man attempted to settle his own car wreck case. As usual, the insurance company took advantage of him. They low-balled the man for nearly a year, offering pennies…
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