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Many people scoff at the idea of “slip and fall.”

Personal Injury Attorney Robert Cabe thinks differently. He has investigated and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars on slip and fall cases. Few people understand just how serious a slip and fall case can be until they are facing mounting medical bills, lost wages, and even major surgery.

Robert has fought numerous nationally known companies in slip and fall cases.

Call Robert Cabe now and schedule your free consultation on how to recover from your slip and fall case.

In addition to fighting your slip and fall case, take a look at other recent victories in personal injury.

Personal Injury
May 28, 2023

Six figure recovery for officer hurt in police chase

A Georgia officer was severely injured fulfilling his duty in effort to apprehend a fugitive. While chasing the suspect, the deputy himself was injured in a car wreck. After being…
Personal Injury
May 15, 2023

$25,000 recovered after attorney proves defendants lied to officers

A Georgia man attempted to settle his own car wreck case. As usual, the insurance company took advantage of him. They low-balled the man for nearly a year, offering pennies…
Personal Injury
May 28, 2023

Nearly 2 million recovered in medical malpractice

A Georgia man came to a rural hospital in hopes to find an answer for his unexplained dizziness and slurred speech. The hospital diagnosed him with vertigo and discharged him…
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