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Criminal Defense

Dog fighting charges dismissed due to inconsistencies in search warrant affidavit

A man was charged with illegal dogfighting after he was arrested next door to a home that contained dog fighting equipment. Attorney Cabe was hired and quickly went to work. Mr. Cabe proved that not only was his client not on the home’s lease, but the landlord and property manager were renting the home to other individuals, and had never met his client before. In other words, the client had no connection to the property.

More importantly, Mr. Cabe fought for months to obtain the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant for the home. After finally obtaining the affidavit, Mr. Cabe quickly realized that it contradicted the officer’s police report.

After raising questions, body camera footage was finally turned over, and showed that the statements contained in the search warrant affidavit were not accurate. Mr. Cabe filed a motion to suppress all evidence related to the case (which would practically result in a dismissal if won). Faced with the reality that the case was built on false pretenses; the prosecution dismissed the case without fighting the motion.