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Personal Injury

1.4 million recovered in medical malpractice

A Georgia man died from an undiagnosed heart attack. Prior to his passing, the man presented to a Georgia hospital with symptoms of shortness of breath and shoulder pain. The medical records revealed that hospital providers thought the man was a drug addict that was seeking opiates. He was diagnosed with a neck and shoulder strain, and was discharged within hours.

The gentlemen passed away from a massive heart attack. Mr. Cabe took on the case and discovered numerous errors. While in litigation, Mr. Cabe uncovered an apparent “cover up,” where the man’s medical records had been altered after his death. Mr. Cabe also obtained the full GBI autopsy and drug toxicology, which proved that the gentlemen had no impairing substances in his body. In other words, he was NOT seeking opiates the way the hospital had assumed.