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Criminal Defense

Aggravated Assault dismissed after teenager spends year in jail

A young man was arrested for aggravated assault after another man was shot in the head. Officers arrived at the scene and assumed the worst. Three individuals were arrested.

After fighting for over a year, attorney Cabe obtained the evidence and discovered contradicting witness statements. He also discovered that the “victim” of the case was a known violent individual on probation at the time of the shooting, and that he had made numerous violent threats to harm the individuals involved in the case. Mr. Cabe discovered that the evidence unequivocally proved that another person was “the trigger man.” After bringing this evidence to light and conveying his client’s good character through former teachers, principle, and bosses, the case was finally dismissed after the true culpable individual pleaded guilty. The young man was freed from jail, and went back to work for his same boss.